23 October 2010

Rite Aid Success

So although yesterday's trip to Rite Aid was a total loss, today as planned I hit up another Rite Aid on the other side of town and they were stocked!

Now I feel like I must explain, we needed none of these items except the toilet tissue. We were down to only two rolls left and buying all these other products allowed me to get 8 rolls of Cottonelle totally FREE! I will must likely hang onto the BodiHeat and Blink eye drops as they may prove useful, the rest will go to charity or friends.

So for the break down, here is how to transaction went:

2 x 4pack Cottonelle, $3.99 each
1 x Bee M.D. $2.49
1 x Simply Saline $3.99
1 x Cold Buster Warming Syrup $6.69
1 x Blink Eye Drops $7.99
1 x Theramax Cold & Flu Spray $6.99
1 x Bodi Heat 4ct $6.99

Subtotal: $39.12
I used $2 in UpRewards from last weeks purchase, a $5 off $25 purchase coupon from Rite Aid Video Values and a $4/1 coupon that I found on the Blink eye drops.

I paid $28.12 out of pocket.
I will get $31.14 back in RA Rebates....so bottom line we got our needed toilet tissue plus some and I made $3.00! A good deal as far as I'm concerned!

Steals and Deals: Old Navy

Head over to your local Old navy today and grab Performance Fleece Vests for the whole family for only $5 each, in-stores today only!

Also, you can go HERE to grab a printable coupon for 50% off any one outerwear item!
This coupon will only be available to print through Sunday and is valid from 10/26 - 10/28!
You can also redeem this coupon online by using promo code: OUTER50 at checkout.

Here are my picks for use of the 50% off coupon:

1. Frost Free Vest $25 - $12.50 with coupon
2. Hooded Wool-Blend Toggle Jacket $69.50 - $34.75 with coupon
3. Long Button Front Trench $49.50 - $24.75 with coupon

Freebie Roundup:

You can grab a FREE sample of Garnier Ultra-Lift HERE from Walmart.
Sign up HERE for a FREE sample of U by Kotex from TeenFreeway!
"Living Rich by Spending Smart" is available to download FREE to your  Kindle, Ipad or free Kindle Reader for your PC. Go HERE to download your FREE copy from Amazon!

Sign up for a FREE sample of POISE pads HERE from Sam's Club!
(No membership number required at this time.)

Head on over to here to download the FREE "Pookie Bear" Ringtone from the Wendy's comercial.
How can you not just love the “Pookie Bear” song?! Hahaha.

Note: This one does require a Costco membership.


22 October 2010

I'm doing my Happy Dance!

Arms in the air, running in place and shaking my butt - yep that's my happy dance! Hope no one's watching - nah what do I care, I'm actually that happy! Today I received a letter of acceptance from my college of choice for graduate school! It's very exciting and I'm thrilled to finally be starting this new chapter in my life! Now I'm just waiting for the bf to get home so we can celebrate! ...I'm thinking dinner and a movie is in order!

Frugal Finds

I made a couple of stops today, some were successful, some were not. I popped into Rite Aid today to try and grab some freebies advertised in their circular this week and found that the store was completely sold out of all the advertised items. This was not a big surprise, I should definitely know better than to go on Friday afternoon and expect to grab the best deals of the week. However, I will remain positive and try another Rite Aid on the other side of town tomorrow on my way home from work.

My second stop was Target. At the end of every month I gather my coupons that are about to expire and I head to Target to see what kind of freebies I can grab from the travel section. Now, I realize it is not yet the end of the month, but I do not have plans to be near a Target again before then so I made my end of the month stop today. I didn't even have to open my wallet! I had $1 off coupons for every item and each cost only $0.97. Here is what I came home with:

After my Target trip I couldn't help but peak into the thrift store across the street. I found this beautiful Guess purse priced at only $3.50 and it appeared to have never been used! 
The best part, I even found $0.82 hidden inside, so it only cost me $2.68!!! I also picked up a few small pieces of jewelry that I need to clean up a bit and a very sharp wrap skirt by Jones New York Signature that was only $2. It's just a little too big so I'll be taking it in and also taking some length off the bottom. I'll be sure to share when I find the time to complete the project!

Cleaning Up The Clutter

I have been doing a lot of talking lately about getting serious. buckling down. being more productive. and really bettering myself (the ultimate goal is to become superwoman, doubtful but it's something to strive for!).....however most days after I get home from work, running errands, the gym and figured out what I can whip up for dinner for the bf and I, and we've sat down and eaten, I'm pretty much down for the count...completely lacking motivation or energy.

But today is Friday and I have the day off work and with no prior obligations but to do what I want to do with my time for the first time in over a month and I am feeling motivated! So I decided that I would take full advantage of my spike in motivation and use it to get my life a bit more organized (quiet a daunting task as I have really let things go lately!).

I started with the alarming amount of notebooks, magazines, mail and paperwork yet to be filed that I have begun to gather in various places around the apartment!

And it didn't take long before I felt like this...

But I stuck with it and with only a few coffee breaks later I ended up with a very neat and orderly filing cabinet, books back on the bookshelf, the dishwasher running, I finally located coupons I've been missing, clean clothes put away and laundry separated and ready for laundry day tomorrow....and it's not even noon yet!! I have a million other things planned for today like a Rite Aid trip, some thrift store digs and some crafty projects so I better get to gettin'!!!

20 October 2010


Have I mentioned lately that I think I need a new apartment/house to redecorate? I do! Especially a new kitchen with more storage and counter space.  
I recently came across this spice rack by DESU Design. I've always had a thing for spice racks, I can't explain it, but this one is fabulous! Although I'm pretty sure I would have to label my jars to keep them straight.

Blog LOVE: 100 Layer Cake

Before I decide to completely step away from all the wedding who-ha, I did want to share some recent blog love I've been having...

In the midst of all the wedding happenings this month I have been asked more times than I can count "when's your wedding?"...to which I always politely reply, ask the bf. However, upon further pondering of this question I did take some time to consider what I would want my wedding to look like and in my search for beautiful bouquets I came across a wedding blog titled 100 Layer Cake and fell in love! Their photos are breath taking and the ideas are inspirational and endless. If you're planning a wedding in the future, know someone who is or even just love pouring over fairy tale wedding stories, you definitely want to check out this blog!

Stress Relieved

Photo by MChloe
The bf and I had two weddings already this month (both of which we were part of the bridal party). And as you all know weddings are accompanied by bridal showers, bachelor and bachelorette parties, rehearsal dinners, dress fittings, hair appointments, gift wrapping, set up and take down and all the other bits and pieces! Needless to say things around things around here at Chocolate Covered Bridges have been pretty hectic lately. (Not to mention the normal stress associated with work, daily life and the recent graduate school interview I had! Eek!)

We finished up our second wedding this past weekend and it went off without a hitch! All the friends and family were in attendance and I'm anxiously waiting to see the pictures taken by none other than the beautiful bride from the first wedding we attended this month (you can check out her website jlynnphotos.com HERE)!

So things are finally starting to feel like they are getting back to normal and now that I am less distracted by wedding planning and errands I have some big ideas in mind for Chocolate Covered Bridges! My creative juices have been flowing and I think you can expect to see some changes and new things in the coming weeks.

My goal is to include you on my adventure in trying to make my vanilla life a bit more colorful through bargain hunting, thrifting and couponing. Show you that style doesn't have to be limited by price tags nor end with your wardrobe. And reveal the secrets to making a budget that is far from luxurious feel like a million bucks!

19 October 2010

Clothing Swap for Youngsters

I am a huge thrift store junkie! I love finding great deals and knowing that reusing and repurposing items is saving them from ending up in landfills. I recently came across this clothing exchange site, ThredUp. I think this site is very cool. Unfortunately I don't fit in these sizes and seeing how I don't have kids, I think I'll save this site into my favorites for when I do. 

Thredup.com facilitates the exchange for you. You can search the site just like you would eBay or amazon. Once you find a box of clothing you like you only have to pay for shipping and it will be delivered right to you home. Then you can put together a box of gently used clothing your children have out grown or no longer wear and exchange with other family!

Check out thredUP.com HERE!

18 October 2010