24 December 2010

It's a wrap!

I've spent all morning wrapping up all our Christmas gifts.
I was able to use up a roll of wrapping paper I picked up at the Goodwill for only $0.25 and everything else was recycled. I used everything from old cards as gift tags, balloons as wrapping paper, as well as brown paper bags, newspaper gift bags, and magazine bows. I also went pretty pom-pom crazy this year since we didn't have any ribbon on hand (Dana over at Made has a great pom-pom tutorial HERE.)!

It's Christmas Eve finally if you haven't finished wrapping up your presents check out a round up of some creative wrapping ideas HERE.

Here's hoping all your wishes come true this Christmas!

20 December 2010

Recycling Balloons

Recently I snagged some balloons from an office party my company held. I liked the bright colors, they kind of cheer up my day! As a week or so passed and the balloons started to deflate and were no longer serving their decorative purpose I wondered what I could do with them other than throw them in the trash. And then I came to me....Gift Wrap of course!
Which is perfect since I just about refuse to buy wrapping paper...and thus is a nice change from the usual newpaper wrapping I do.


I poked a small hole in the already mostly deflatted balloons and was left with this flat balloons.

I wasn't able to use the front of the balloons as they had the company logo on them, but the backs were still good. I cut the back away from the front and that was it used it as wrapping paper.

I still have a bunch of leftover pieces of balloons so I cut them into strips and plan to use them as embellishements on other gifts as well. I really liked the shiney effect of the balloon foil. It will really jazz up some of our presents!

19 December 2010

Cupcake Cravings

Those of you who know me well know I eat...A LOT! The bf says I'm like a goat. Always eating. I says if he didn't give me money to go food shopping I would end up eating the couch or a throw blanket. It's probably true.

Today I was seriously craving some sweets. Not unusual. So to appease the bf who also *loves* sweets, especially cupcakes I decided to bake some! Also I have not done any holiday baking yet so I added on some red sprinkles to try and be at least a little bit festive!