04 December 2010

Day 22: Saturday = Date Night

Top: JCPenney's, Belt: Hand-Me-Down, Skirt: Banana Republic, Shoes: Apt9 via Kohl's

I had to work today (only in the AM) and this afternoon the bf and I ran errands. Then it was date night - double date night really. We got to go out to eat with my favorites (R&C) to this wonderful Mexican restaurant and if only I had my camera so I could share with you how delectable the flan was that I got for dessert! Oh yes, flan is my favorite!

I was really excited to get to wear this belt with this outfit though! I L-O-V-E this belt, but I'm never quite sure how to pair it up with an outfit. I think tonight this worked out well. The heavy black tights definitely compensated for the short sleeves...its been well below 40 this week and will continue to be, hence why I have decided to hold back on the outdoor photos. Heavy coats, scarves, hats, mitten and more are now a regular part of my morning routine!

03 December 2010

Day 21: Counting Pennies....

Top: H&M, Sweater: Old Navy, Jeans and Belt: Gap, Shoes: Dunnes Stores (Ireland)

I decided to go with casual and comfy today. You see, Christmas shopping is about to be in full swing and I'm spending the day running errands. Usually I am the type of person who has everything bought and wrapped up by the end of August - this year, well the truth is I procrastinated! So it's about time to start scrounging together my pennies to buy some pretty goodies for my lovelies!

Recently I came across this adorable oinker! I pretty sure that he is going to go onto my Christmas list so next year I can spend less time scrounging and more time counting all the pennies I've saved!

Want a piggy for yourself? Check 'em out HERE at Viva Terra!

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02 December 2010

Day 20 & The Count Down has begun

Shirt: H&M, Belt: Italian Flea Market, Skirt: Zara, Boots: Clarks

We are finally into December (the weather today didn't let me forget it - I was freezing!) and the count down to Christmas has begun! My holiday preparations are starting into full swing and my mind has been spinning all day with new ways to decorate the apartment  and homemade gift ideas.


I found these adorable DIY S'mores Kits from Twig and Thistle! If only I knew where to find myself some clear boxes...any suggestions?

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01 December 2010

Day 19: Elephants Marching

Shirt: Zara, Vest: Forever21, Belt: Gap, Jeans: Gap, Boots: Kmart

I'm starting to get the itch again to go shopping. So far it has been easy. I was actually enjoying the break from stores, over sized credit card bills, and the "oh jeez what did you buy now and where the heck are we going to store it in our tinny apartment" look from the bf when I come home with shopping bags. Today however I was doing some virtual window shopping and I noticed a theme growing with various things I was drawn too.....Elephants! And after the day I had today, I could use of the patience, luck and strength they are said to symbolize! Here are a few of my favs...

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30 November 2010

Day 18: Score some FREE Holiday Music

Top: Chicos (thrifted), Sweater: Annie Sez, Jeans: Gap, Boots: Clarks, Braclet: AnneTaylor (thrifted)

Today I put together my December work schedule. I realized (too late in the year) that I had a lot of vacation time and personal hours to use up before I loose them come January 1st. I requested the HR department allow me to carry over some of the additional vacation hours - hopefully they'll let me. But other than that I have offically scheduled 14 days off in the month of December - let me tell you - it's a GREAT feeling! I'm really looking forward to some R&R prior to the holidays!

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29 November 2010

17 and still counting!

Sweater: Gap, Jeans: Gap, Clogs: Dunnes Stores (Ireland)

Today was a pretty blah day. Even my outfit felt kinda blah...but it was warm and comfy and I LOVE the color of this sweater - so I guess its alright to be a little boring some days, especially blah days!

I was told by my neighbor this morning that while eating her breakfast she has seen squirrels chewing on the wires under my car - very sweet of her to tell me so, but what the heck and I supposed to do about it?! Park in a different spot maybe? I'm at a loss - any suggestions are welcome!

I spent an entire hour today waiting in line at the post office to mail a package - a whole hour! It was mobbed! Well it wouldn't have been if they had more than one person working the counter, but alas there was only one.

Work was pretty blah too! No excitement - which in my line of work is really a good thing.

I did go to Target after work today to try and use up my coupons that are about to expire tomorrow on (free with coupon) goodies like travel size shampoos and laundry detergent! That was kinda fun....but mostly my day was spent drinking coffee - warm delicious, loaded with sugar coffee! Which of course reminds me...

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