02 October 2010

What I want now...


Aren't they beautiful?!

These WeWood watches originated in Florence, Italy but are now based out of L.A. Although modeled after traditional metal or plastic watches, each WeWood piece is made of all natural reclaimed materials from unused flooring scraps. There are no chemicals or colored stains added, the color variations are all natural shades and grains from various types of woods from around the world.

The watches sell for $119 each from WeWood, with every sale resulting in a planted tree.

Ways to Save on Groceries Even If You Aren't Couponing

For many people there are time constraints that don't allow you always take the time to search out the best deals, let alone match them with available coupons. It can be frustrating to hear about massive grocery store savings using all those coupons when you can hardly find the time to brush your hair in the morning before work. But don't despair, there are many other ways to cut costs on your grocery bill even if you're not clipping coupons like a fiend.

1. Shop Around
Take a few weeks to try out different stores which are conveniently located to you. Then compare the prices they offer for the products you regularly buy. Ultimately you want to shop at a store that consistently offers the lowest prices for the items you need most often.

2. Sign up for Bonus Cards
Most grocery stores today offer bonus cards and they are usually FREE to sign up. Scanning a store bonus card at check out will allow you to take advantage of that stores particular deals, ultimately getting you the best prices they have to offer. Additionally, many store also offer rewards for using your bonus card. For every dollar you spend points are usually allotted to your card. Some stores allow you to redeem points for discounts like a percentage off your next bill, others offer free products and some offer gas discounts as well.

3. Read Your Stores Circular
Every week major supermarkets advertise their weekly specials on their websites and in flyers which are usually found in your mail box. Your stores weekly circular is the best source of information for what deals your store is offering that week. Knowing what the best prices in the store are before your enter will help expedite your trip and help you make a plan, thus avoiding being suckered into over spending on other items.

4. Plan a Menu
Take into consideration what products are on sale in a particular week and plan a weekly menu around those sale items. For instance, if chicken and ground beef are on sale this week, consider having chicken fingers with two sides, burgers, tacos, chicken pot pies, marinated chicken breast with veggies, and chicken curry with rice this week. You can always leave one night open for left overs or just a spaghetti dinner. Also, don't be afraid to ask your meat department for assistance. If chicken breast are on sale this week, but a recipe you want to make calls for ground chicken, ask one of the meat department employees to simply ground up a package of breasts for you, it will still be the same price!

5. Shop Your Pantry
Considering the weekly menu you just created, shop your pantry for items you already have on hand. You don't want to go to the store and spend money on items you already have, especially if those items aren't on sale this week.

6. Make a List
Make a list of all the things you need to purchase and stick to it. Viewing your shopping list as a task to complete rather than a leisure activity can help prevent impulse buys and also save you time.

7. Set a Budget & Leave Plastic at Home
Set yourself a weekly grocery budget (this will vary depending on your family size and needs) and stick to it. An easy way to help yourself do this is to leave your plastic (aka credit card) at home and only take with you cash equivalent to your budget. It is psychologically more difficult to fork over cash than it is a credit card and thus you are more likely to stay on budget.

8. Don't Shop Hungry
Try to plan shopping trips after meals or grab yourself a snack before you go. Shopping hungry is the number one culprit of impulse buys!

01 October 2010

SALE EXTENDED: 90% Off at Restaurant.com

Restaurant.com has extended their 90% Off sale for one more day!
If you missed out on this deal yesterday you are still able to take advantage of these great savings and stock up on restaurant gift certificates now!!!
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Mega Swagbucks Day!

That means it's Mega SwagBucks Day again!

Higher increments will be rewarded today for your searches!
If you haven't signed up for swagbucks yet go here to sign up!

Also, after you sign up go to the daily poll under "ways to earn" tab and win 1 swagbuck for each day you give your opinion.

30 September 2010

Recycled Magazine Gift Bows

I definitely can't take credit for this idea. However, after my experiment with repurposing newspaper into gift bags I began to wonder about other ways to recycle paper. Specifically I had a great deal of magazines that had yet to make it into the recycling bin that I was hoping to reuse.

Can you tell I like girly magazines?
 After a bit of research I found some great articles on making bows out of magazines and tried my hand at it.

First I tore out colorful pages of the magazine that I liked.
I was feeling inspired by the pastels in this clinic ad and was also into the black and orange pages in spirit of Halloween. 

Next, I cut the pages into strips. I ended up with 8 strips per page, so 16 strips total.

The rest is mostly just a folding and manipulating game.

Take the first strip and fold one end over to create a loop.


 Follow the same step with the other end the strip creating almost a figure 8.


 Add a second strip to the back. Always place the color you want to see on the finished product out or away from you.


Fold each end of the second strip in the same manner as the first. Then add a third strip and repeat the same steps.

Once finished this process, I ended up with something that looked somewhat like a star...
I stapled my bow together at this point to make it easier to handle. Then, I repeated the entire process again, ultimately ending up with two stars.

I then took the second star I had created and simply sat it inside of the first star, matching the center points together.
I again stapled the bow together. Finally I added a small loop of paper in the center with tape to hide the staples.
My final project turned out like this...

I got a little bow happy after my first success and created quite a few of them! It really hardly took any time at all once I got the hang of handling the paper.

On some of the bows I added more than two layers of "stars". For fuller bows it is easy to just continue adding strips until the bow takes on the shape you want. I guess I have no excuse to buy bows this year come the holidays. I'm thinking that these will come in handy for the two upcoming weddings I have as well! 

50% Off at Jo-Ann's

Have any craft projects planned for this weekend? 
There's a 50% off any regularly priced item coupon available to Jo-Ann's.
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This coupon is valid through Saturday 10/2.

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FREE Sample of Aleve

Note: This sample is offered by Sam's Club but does NOT require a membership number at this time.

29 September 2010

Gifts From the Garden

I returned home today after a long day of work. I started on my usual routine of cleaning up the kitchen, taking care of some chores around the apartment, managing my mail and starting dinner. Not too long after I arrived home so the the bf and he came bearing gifts! :)

After his long day at work, he made a stop over to our garden (I don't think we've been there in two weeks) and completed some much needed tending to the garden. He made a great harvest to bring home to me as well.

Yep, that's FOUR eggplant, at least 6 dozen jalapeno peppers, a couple tomatoes and a watermelon! There were also a few bell peppers but they got washed and chopped up for dinner before I got around to snapping this photo of today's haul.

I was also thrilled to have my gifts from the garden accompanied by the good news that there are still more eggplants to be picked and plenty of green tomatoes!

What I want now...

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I am really into these graffiti candles!
These fragrance free pillar candles are handmade in Brooklyn, NY by Re-Surface Design and can be found in any color to match your decor. Keeping with their urban chic style each candle design is named after a specific New York street. Head HERE to pick some up for yourself.

I would also like to mention that Re-Surface Design also creates and sells other amazing light sources such as lamps and shades! Check out all of their stuff HERE.

$4/2 Benadryl Coupon = $0.28 Itch Relief Sticks

There is a $4/2 Benadryl products coupon available. It is run by bricks, so you should be able to print it twice using your browser back button.
Benadryl Itch Relief Sticks are reported to be priced around $2.28 at both Walmart and Target. Use this coupon to get them for $0.28 each.

(Thanks, MoneySavingMom!)

Modern Couponing

Couponing in the 21st century is much more than clipping from newspapers and magazines. As a society we have transitioned into the digital age and so have our coupons. Today you can still find tons of coupons in newspapers and magazines, but there are so many more avenues. Websites such as coupons.com, redplum.com, and smartsource.com all provide free printable manufacture coupons.

Additionally social networking websites such as facebook or twitter have allowed manufactures to jump on the band wagon and promote their products via this avenue as well. Many times on these sites you will find product manufactures (as well as restaurant chains) offering product coupons, discount codes to use with online shopping purchases and even free samples!

Furthermore there are also coupons available that are simply virtual coupons. Websites like Upromise.com and cellfire.com allow you to load coupons directly onto your store bonus cards. Target even sends out text messages containing a bar code holding 5 or more coupons which can be scan directly from the screen on your smart phone.

With the vast array of coupons available and avenues in which to acquire them it is easier than ever before to take advantage of coupon discounts. Despite our hectic lifestyles and lack of free time, we are able to save more money with minimal effort.

Thankfully, in our new age of couponing, your savings don't have to stop at grocery, personal and cleaning items. Planning a date night out for dinner and the movies? Many restaurants offer coupons via e-newsletters to help save on your meal, other sites like restaurant.com offer gift certificates to specific restaurants in your area for pennies on the dollar. Regal Cinemas offers coupons for free popcorn every Friday on their facebook page. The entertainment savings go on and on and are as vast and readily available as grocery coupons are. All you have to do is search!

28 September 2010

DON'T Throw Out Your Expired Coupons!

It can be very disappointing to find a great coupon only to then realize its expired. Usually the first reaction is to cut our losses and toss it in the trash (or hopefully recycling).

At the end of each month I sit down to begin the lengthy task of cleaning out my coupon organizers of all of the expired coupons and given the amount of coupons I collect weekly, there are usually A LOT of expired ones come the 30th or 31st of each month.

I used to simply gather them all up and place them in the recycling along with all the other papers, but then I found an even greater use for them HERE at ocpnet.org. The Overseas Coupon Program (OCP) collects and distributes manufacturer coupons to military families stationed overseas. Did you know that on military bases overseas the commissary and PX will accept manufacturer coupons up to 6 months past their expiration date? It's true!

How to get involved? 
  • Visit http://www.ocpnet.org/ and adopt a base you wish to donate to.
  • Separate you clipped coupons into two categories: Food and Non-food.
    • This is because most bases have 2 stores,  the “Commissary” (grocery store) and the PX or BX (department store). By separating your coupons into “food” and “non-food” bundles the volunteers on the receiving end can more easily placed your donated coupons at the correct venue.
    • The general rule of thumb is a "food" item is something humans can eat (this includes products like Ensure and Slimfast). A "non-food" item would include pet food, soaps, cleaning supplies etc.
  • Clearly label your bundles - the easiest way to do this is to place them in zip lock baggies.
  • Talley an approximate total value for each bundle.

    • This helps the program keep track of which bases are receiving the most support and which bases need more coupons.

  • Stick your bundles in an envelope and send them off to your adopted base!

What I want now...

My lips want Mor!
I'm a total sucker for these pretty pastel colored tins. Each tin is filled with a delicious scented ultra-hydrating lip balm that comes in a wide variety of flavors. Available HERE at spacenk.com for only $14 each, these are too cute for words!

New BOGO FREE Eggs Coupon

There is a new coupon available for BOGO Free Eggs!
Just head over to the Good Egg Project and take a pledge to fight against hunger.
You will then be able to print your BOGO Free Egg coupon.  Coupon is good for any eggs with a maximum value of $1.50.

Note: This coupon will go fast!

27 September 2010

New $1.50 Off Coupon for Ace Therapy Products

There's a new $1.50 printable coupon available HERE!
This is a PDF and has no size restrictions listed.
Single-use Ace Cold Compress packets found in the travel section at Rite Aid are priced at $1.29 each making them FREE after coupon!!!

"A Matter of Taste" by Fulvio Bonavia

If you're like me and into accessories & food you'll love this photography by Fulvio Bonavia!
Go HERE to check it out - My favorite collect is "A Matter of Taste"!

Free Sample: Dove Shampoo & Conditioner


There is a FREE sample of Dove Daily Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner available HERE from Costco! Currently there is no membership number required for sign up!

Note: Sign up requirements are subject to change at any time.

(Thanks, Eeendeavors!)

FREE Sample: Curel Sensitive Skin Remedy

(Thanks, MoneySavingMom!)

FREE Sample: Crisco Extra Virgin Olive Oil

AllYou.com is offering exclusive free samples and coupons for free products daily on their website. You can go HERE to find out more and see what has been offered already this month. I will try to keep you updated on more AllYou freebies over the coming weeks!

26 September 2010

What I want now...

Birdcage Jewelry Stand

My jewelery box is ALWAYS a mess! I have pieces stashed all over...some in the box, some in my makeup draw, some in jewelry travel cases. Its really horribly disorganized to tell you the truth. I have always wanted to get a jewelry stand, I think they're very fun and decorative. However, I never think that they will hold enough jewelry....usually I find them to be more of a decor piece than a storage piece.
Recently I came across this UrbanOutfitters Birdcage Jewelry Stand! To put it plainly, I'm in love! It's pretty, it's functional, and look at all those holes to hang my dangley earring on!!!

FREE pens from Amsterdam Printing

Expressway Pen

Click on the “Request a Sample” above any pen under $5 on the Amsterdam Printing site and have it come straight to your mailbox! 
No billing information required, just a mailing address and email.
Note: I found that it would not allow me to choose over 5 samples.

(Thanks, MoneySavingMom!)

FREE Sample: Dove Energy Glow Daily Moisturizer

Head HERE to sign up for your FREE sample of Dove Energy Glow Daily Moisturizer!
Note: This sign up is in Spanish.

(Thanks, MojoSavings!)