13 December 2010

30 for 30 Round Up - And the Things I've Learned

Here is a look back at all 30 of my outfits I made from only 30 pieces!!

Things I've Learned:

1. Despite the copious amounts I own, I don't wear much jewelry.
2. The wider the belt, the more I like it.
3. I don't own enough tights - pulling off skirts in this ever growing colder weather was tough.
4. I need to plan a bit more wisely if I was going to do this again. There are some items that I included just to try and stretch myself that would not include again and other items that didn't even make it into the 30 for 30 that I was tempted by for the entire month!
5. My "wonderful" gray pants are good for walking around, but if you plan on sitting they wrinkle REAL bad!
6. I tried to add splashes of color to my wardrobe during this challenge, but truthfully I prefer neutrals - black, white, navy, brown, camel and blue.
7. My hair is kind of boring. I don't know how to do much of anything exciting with it. I think I need to set up an appointment for a 1:1 tutorial with my hair dresser....oh wait that's right, I don't have a hair dresser! maybe that's my problem.
8. I became intimately familiar with the timer on my camera as I quickly found that my planned photographer (the bf) was not so keen on taking pictures when we got home from work...and taking them in the AM was totally out of the question.
9. Although I like the variety of backgrounds in the first ten outfit posts, I feel like the plainer background in the second half of my 30 for 30 showcases the outfits better.
10. Not shopping is bad for my stress levels. I found that I apparently use shopping as a coping mechanism and ended up spending more time in the grocery and drug stores rather than clothing stores during this challenge. I can't wait to get back to the thrift stores!!!

12 December 2010

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Free Shout Color Catcher Sample
I love this product. I always throw one in with new clothing being washed for the first time - especially dark wash jeans! Works like a charm!

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Day 30: and...DONE!

Tank Top: Kmart, Sweater: Gap, Jeans: Gap, Shoes: Apt.9 via Kohl's, Necklace: Gifted

Surprise. Surprise. I'm not feeling so hott today. My night out is taking it's toll this morning. So my cure - get up, get dressed (in something more than a hoodie - which I want to live in right now), pull myself together and go visit the parent's!
I know Mom will make me some tea and I've heard Dad's been baking lately! Yummy!