09 December 2010

Day 27: Versatility

Sweater: Gap, Belt: Italian Flea Market, Skirt (dress): BCDG, Boots: Clarks

I am really thrilled with how versatile I have found this dress to be. I bought it from a shop in our town just before the 30 for 30 challenge started. I paid around $40 for it and it was on sale. My mom probably just fell off her chair if she's reading this. Yes Mom I paid $40 for it! You see, I'm...well..."cheap". I have a hard time justifying paying more than $20 for just about anything because I find such great deals at thrift stores all the time. But thankfully my lovely friend K.T. talked me into this one. I have been able to remix this dress four times now and I still have lots of other ideas for this item up my sleeve when I'm allowed to access the rest of my closet. Here is a look at the other ways I previously managed to wear this lovely number...


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