05 December 2010

Another Day at the Office - Day 23

Top: Kmart, Sweater: Vera Wang via Kohl's, Pants: Banana Republic, Shoes: Me Too via Marshall's

I'm amazed I even managed to get clothes on myself before I walked out the door this morning I was so tired after last night's escapades. I think I actually put together a half decent outfit given the state I was in. In retrospect I think it could definitely use a necklace of some sort, but I did find those hoop earrings in my purse which I think helped me look a bit more put together.  

On a brighter note, it's SUNDAY - which means COUPONS! I'm a coupon junkie if you haven't already noticed...and if you haven't you now know. Today my delivery lady definitely made up the past few weeks of mishandled papers.

I have the Sunday paper delivered to my apartment. It costs me $0.25 more than if I went to the store I bought it, but on snow days when I don't want to step foot outside the comfort of my cozy couch, it's well worth the extra quarter. Anyway, the past three weeks I have been shorted coupon circulars (proof of what I junkie I am, I preview them HERE before they even are released so I know what to expect). Today however I was not only delivered all the proper coupon circulars but extra copies as well! Needless to say I was elated, especially because this week included some killer coupons!

Happy Sunday everyone - Hope you had a nice weekend!

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