19 August 2010

Shopping in the pantry

As I shared previously, I'm challenging myself to a $100 monthly grocery budget, as well as every other week shopping. We are now about a week and half into the two weeks and we're running low. I had to stop and get milk yesterday, so that was another $3.46 from my budget. We're totally out of lunch meat and cheese, no crackers or granola bars and we're now down to our last box of cereal (I had a hard time leaving the Honey Nut Cheerios alone - went through two boxes in a flash!).

So now we're shopping the pantry. Trying to scrounge for snacks to pack in lunches and come up with creative meal ideas to use up what we've got before my next trip to the store. Last night I got everything together for my lunch today...left over pizza from dinner and the five strawberries that were left in the fridge plus a yogurt...I woke this morning to find they had been taken (it doesn't pay to pack lunch second). So instead I ended up with the Chef Boyardee that I got free from Target last week. At least I got to eat.

I am wondering if this challenge is going to get the best of me very quickly. I'm still feeling plenty confident about the $100 monthly budget, but every other week shopping is proving to already be an issue for certain items. Maybe I'll just need to buy more milk each trip to tide us over.

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