11 August 2010

Savvy Coupon Shoppers are NOT the problem!

Have you ever come across one of those really nasty cashiers that almost seems annoyed that you're coming through their line? Try coming across one of those cashiers when you also have a handful of coupons to use on your order, or worse if you're planning multiple transactions in one trip! Many times in the world of couponing you come across difficult situations where employees are annoyed with you due to your coupons. Despite the fact that coupons are just like scanable cash, cashiers usually find us savvy coupon shoppers to be more of a hassle. Well it turns out savvy coupon shoppers are NOT the problem, it's the store associates that are ignorant to coupon policies and how their stores are reimbursed for manufacturer coupons that cause all the hassle. I have known this all along, but I was happy to come across this post on Shannon's page (FortheMommas) sharing some of an internal memo from Rite Aid which explains that even savvy couponers ARE profitable! Go here to read more...

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