10 August 2010

My 1st August Shopping Trip

One of my greatest passions and hobby is finding and getting great deals! I have been couponing for years now, but only started couponing seriously within the past two. I started out slow and it took a lot of time in the beginning. I saved a dollar here and a dollar there but every penny counts right? Well today I would consider myself an extreme couponer. I frequently manage to get freebies by pairing coupons with sales and still find it thrilling to come home from the grocery store having saved 50% or more!

I decided in starting this blog that I would give myself a challenge by setting a monthly grocery budget which you all can hold me accountable for - i'm aiming for $100 per month and only bi-weekly food shopping. I should mention that I have two mouths to feed (mine and my boyfriend's) and we eat breakfast and dinner at home and brown bag our lunches.

So all that being said, I thought I would share my first shopping trip for the month of August....brace yourself, it was a big one!!! (although I bought less items than usual, the value was higher than my usual trips)

I bought: (* q = coupon)
2 x 46oz Juicy Juice (the bf loves this!) @ 2/$5 used $1/2 q
2 x Taco Bell taco seasoning @ $1.18 for 2, used $0.75/2 q which doubled making 2 FREE packets
1 box of Wheat Thins @ $2.50 used $1/1 q
1 loaf Holsum Bread @ $2.69 used $0.75/1 q which doubled to $1.50 off
1 Gallon of Water (for our beta fish)
1 Vanilla Extract 1 fl.oz.
1/2 lb. Deli Ham
2lbs Strawberries @ $3.99 on BOGO (buy one get one free) sale
1 bag Dole Salad @ $2.50 used $1/1 q
                   I then used a store coupon for $2 off a $5 produce purchase
2 x 16oz packs of Hatfield Bacon @ $5.99 on BOGO sale, used $1/1 q on each pack = $2 off
2 x 2lb boneless Hatfield pork loin filets @ $11.68 on BOGO sale, used $1/1q on each
2 x 1lb boneless country style boneless pork ribs on sale for $1.67each
2 x Green's Ice Cream @ 2/$4 used $1/2 q
1 box Luigi's Water Ice @ $2 used $1/1 q
1 cartoon Florida Natural OJ
1 16oz Coffeemate creamer @ $1.55 used $0.75/1 q which doubled to a $1.50 off
8 Yoplait yogurts @ $0.50each, used $0.50/8 q which doubled to $1 off (or two free)
1 gallon milk
1 dozen large eggs
1 bottle Softsoap hand soap on sale for $1, used $0.50/1q which doubled to $1 off = FREE

I then used a $4 off a $45 purchase I had received on my last trip and swipped my bonus card at check out.....

Grand Total before savings = $94.95

What I paid after all coupons and discounts...drum roll please.....$42.44! That is a savings of $52.51!

So what do you think? Was this a post worthy trip?