07 November 2010

My 30 for 30 Remix Picks

I meant to have this posted much earlier today, but as things tend to happen, today was terribly busy!
So lets not drag this out any longer...here are my 30 for 30 Remix picks!

I had a harder time picking items from my closet than I thought I would. The first 15 were easy - all the pieces I love and wear regularly. The second 15 was not so easy and I soon came to find that my closet is limited to only a few colors - which one would think makes mixing things up easier, however, it can also make things kinda boring. My plan is to try and add splashes of color via my accessories, fingers crossed! Tomorrow the creativity and remixing begins - I'm really looking forward to seeing all the great outfits and inspiration everyone brings to the table! Check out the full list of participants HERE!

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archives said...

hello fellow 30 for 30 remixer! good luck, i look forward to following your mixes! :)