03 October 2010

ECHOage Birthday Parties

Not to long ago I found myself at a 2 year olds birthday party. The party was full of adults and each one came bearing a present (or two or three) for this little youngster. As I watched each present get unwrapped and discarded, only to join a mountain of other toys already living in the toy chest I couldn't help but think to myself that not only was this way too many toys for one little person but also how wasteful it seemed to use up all that wrapping paper and spend on that money on things that may never get used. I knew there had to be a solution and shortly after I began my search I came across ECHOage.com.

ECHOage is a charity-driven, eco-friendly, online party service. No matter what your party theme or venue is this service will work! Everything is paperless and completed via email and online. Guests can RSVP online and make a monitary donation to the site. Half of all of the donations will go to you to contribute to the cost of your child's dream gift and the other half goes to the charity of your choice!


Not only is this an environmentally friendly party planning idea, it is easy on guest and allows your child to learn about how meaningful it is to give back to deserving charities!

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