14 September 2010

My BIG Purchase

I was fortunate to grow up with an interior designer for a mother who had every type of sewing machine you could think of, which did every type of stitch you could ever wish for and thus, I was able to complete many a craft with great ease. Then I moved out and I was sewing machine-less. (It was a sad day.)

With little money to spare for a machine of my own I looked for inexpensive options and when I read a post on Freecycle for a sewing machine I jumped all over it. About two years ago I was generously donated this machine (below) from a very sweet woman who also hooked me up with many a clothing pattern and spools of thread! 

My FREE sewing machine!
 It even came with the original registration from 1970!
My FREE machine lasted me almost two years and saw me through many a project. Sadly about 3 months ago it seized and I was unable to fix it. Lately I have been overflowing with creative sewing ideas and itching to get back to it. So much so that I have even begun to create a new "inspiration book" filled with pictures, notes and ideas! 

The beginnings of my Inspiration Book!
My lack of a working sewing machine was really beginning to bring me down. So today I decided it was time to suck it up and spend the money on a new machine of my own. I did some research and followed the recommendations of some wise friends and so just shy if *gasp* $700 later, I would like to introduce you all to my new partner in crime....Bernina Activa 220!

Isn't she beautiful!?!

So now I can begin all of those alterations I have been dreaming up. Get ready for the crafty side of frugal people - the wheels in my head have been spinning. Remember this dress??

With my brand new machine loaded with all its glitz and gadgets, I plan on completing this alteration within the week so stay tuned!

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