25 September 2010

BonTon Goodwill Sale Going On Now!

Goodwill Sale! Goodwill® coupons are valid on everything!

BonTon's Goodwill Sale is going on now until 9/29! Get 20% Off ANYTHING in the store - no exclusions!
Also, sign up for email alerts and you'll be able to print a 25% off coupon to get you started!

I'm very excited about this. I know I have said before that I am not at all a brand specific person. I'll use any shampoo, any soap or any laundry detergent. This is all true, however there is one exception. I am completely loyal to Estee Lauder Take It Away Make up Remover! This stuff never goes on sale and normal coupons always exclude the cosmetics department, but at $22 a bottle for make up remover I'm glad to be able to use a coupon on it!

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