21 August 2010

A Saturday Afternoon Shopping

So I finally get a day off from work and all of my loves are either working or too busy to play - so I decided to head out shopping on my own - but thank god for smart phones with cameras cause I got to take my virtual mom with me via pic texts and share my finds and get second opinions!!

Earlier this week I got $10 Kohl's cash in the mail, so my first stop was Kohl's to see what deals I could score for almost free with my free $10. I managed to find two new tops (below) for only $1.28 after my free $10 Kohl's cash!
Afterwards I grabbed a coffee and browsed through a few stores in town, fell in love with a winter coat with a $142 price tag...but left it in the store...a purchase that large needs a little more thought. So instead of continuing exploring expensive boutiques where I can't bring myself to pay their prices I headed off to the new Impact thrift store that I've been dying to check out. These prices were much more me - I grabbed this dress for only $15.

It is a Bari Jay bridesmaid dress and it's in perfect condition. I looked it up online and found that it retails for $200+ so I'm feeling quite pleased with my $15 price tag. I have multiple weddings coming up in the next two months and this will be my dress for one. I am going to do a few alterations on it to make it my own and less bridesmaid-ish. I'm really looking forward to the final product - I'll be sure to share so stay tuned!

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