25 August 2010

Harvests From My Garden

After finishing today Rite Aid trip I hurried home to drop off my bags, change into yard-work clothes and headed over to meet the bf at the garden (a garden that we planted at my bf's parents house - which is conveniently down the street)!

Here is what we harvested today:

We brought home more tomatoes than I'm sure what to do with (i'm sure you'll be hearing about my canning attempts later this week), loads of cherry and yellow pear tomatoes, cucumbers, string beans, hot peppers, and lima beans!!! I washed and dried all the veggies while getting tonights dinner together (which was a quicky breakfast for dinner - always a favorite!).

After we finished dinner I got to work shelling lima beans and here is what I ended up with:

They look so yummy and beautiful, I couldn't help but eat a few raw and boy they are tasty! I'm planning on mixing them up with some of the corn we harvested earlier this month (before the squirrels all decided to help themselves to my garden like its their own all you can eat buffet, grr!) and create some yummy in my tummy succotash!

So all in all I'm feeling pretty good about my harvest today, as well as my rite aid deals I scored - Oh and I also found this surprise in the mail today....

Full size freebie of Gain dish soap that I signed up for maybe two weeks ago. I'd be lying if I said this one didn't get me really excited!

A good day - but now that my veggies are cleaned and preped and my purchases are put away I'm ready for a good night sleep!

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