11 August 2010

All Smart Phones Are Not Created Equal

I was perfectly happy with my old cell phone. It made phone calls, had great service, I could use it to text and it even had a calculator which frequently came in handy. Then Verizon had a BOGO sale on the then brand new Palm Pre Plus and Mom and I couldn't pass it up. Now I can't imagine life without constant and instant access to the internet at all times (sad, I know). When I purchased the phone however I was naive to the fact that all smart phones are not created equal. My only exposure to smart phones at that point was the iPhone, which it seemed everyone I knew owned and loved. I was so excited to be able to join in and experience all the cool apps they were always talking about. Little did I realize, the Palm Pre Plus seriously lacked in the world of applications. However, seeing that Verizon does not support the iPhone I was more than willing to keep my new Palm Pre and learn to make the best of what I had.

I should comment that since then I have come to LOVE my phone...and today I came to love it even more...

No iPhone? No problem! The WalkMe app is available to non-iPhone users here on getjar.com!  The application works with all GPS-equipped cell phones to calculate your speed, distance and calories. How great is it to get all the benefit of a pedometer from the item you tote around with you everywhere anyway?! getjar.com has loads of great apps available to people from all walks of phones.

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